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Our fondue is made specifically for the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k and is 100% pure dark chocolate with no compounds and is gluten free.

Our hot chocolate is also made specifically for the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k and is 100% pure dark chocolate with no compounds and is both gluten free and nut free.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to experience America’s Sweetest Race! Our virtual run consists of a 5k and 15k option, just like with our race series. Run (or walk) the distance you pick wherever you want. We will ship the goodie bag, medal, and personalized bib right to you, along with your very own sweet Chocolate Finisher’s Kit, complete with our proprietary hot chocolate packets and samples of our delicious chocolate squares. This race also counts towards the 2022 Hot Chocolate Legacy Program!

We make it easy for you to achieve legacy status! Run 3, 5, or 10 consecutive years with us to earn extra goodies! You can run in any city you want, or even do the virtual race, as long as the years are consecutive. Please note, registering for the 2021/2022 Hot Chocolate Virtual 15k/5k will be applied towards 2022. 

All finishers will receive a 5k or 15k official Hot Chocolate medal to commemorate their awesome achievement! Heads up: while this medal may give you chocolate cravings, it’s actually made from metal alloy.

All runners must be 8 years of age or older on race day to participate in the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k. Also, we ask you to make sure each participant is able to keep the 15 minute per mile minimum pace and that anyone under 12 is accompanied by a grown-up on course. 

Yes, you can change distances online before registration closes. To do so, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your account, here (if you forget your password, you can reset it here).
  2. Once you’re logged in, scroll down to see your upcoming races.
  3. Once you locate your Hot Chocolate registration, click the Actions dropdown, then click “View Registration.”
  4. On your registration page, click “Edit,” next to Category, then choose the distance you’d like to switch to. You’ll be prompted to review the rest of your registration, and re-sign the waiver for the new distance.

Note: If you’re upgrading from the 5k to the 15k, you’ll be required to pay the difference in price; however we don’t offer refunds of the difference in price when switching from the 15k to the 5k.

Definitely! One favor: we ask that they can hold a 15 minute per mile pace. That’s about four miles per hour, or a brisk power-walk. If you fall below this pace, we can unfortunately no longer guarantee course support, which is paramount for your safety. Aid stations, medical support, portable toilets, and road closures will start to become unavailable to participants. The local police and race organizers will ask you to either move onto the sidewalk and obey pedestrian laws, or transport you further up on the course to catch up to the 15 minute per mile group.
Yes! For more information on our pacers or how to become a pacer, click here.

Yes! You can transfer your registration to another runner for a $10 fee. To transfer your registration to another runner:

  1. The original runner must log into their Enmotive account and scroll down to find their existing race registration under “Current and Upcoming Events.”
  2. Click the blue “Actions” button to the right of the race name, and then “Transfer Registration.”
  3. Enter the new runner’s email address to begin the transfer process.
  4. The new runner will then receive an email from Enmotive with a link to complete the transfer.
  5. After clicking the transfer link in the Enmotive email, scroll down to click the green “Accept transfer” button.
  6. Complete the registration process, and pay the $10 transfer fee. 
  7. Once completed, the new runner will receive an email confirmation, and the original runner will receive an email confirming their registration has been cancelled.

If the transaction is not completed by the new runner within 48 hours of the email sent, the transfer request is cancelled, and the registration will remain in the original runner’s name.

Please note that transfers are not allowed for the Virtual race and that any transfer from the 15k to the 5k will not receive a refund of the difference in price.

Unfortunately no, baby carriers or strollers of any sort are not allowed on the 5k or 15k courses. This includes but is not limited to regular push strollers, umbrella strollers, jogging stroller, prams, wraps, backpacks, Bjorn’s, soft carriers, slings and wagons. However, we encourage spectators to bring the little ones to help cheer on the runners!

Wheelchair athletes are permitted on a case-by-case basis, based on your wheelchair type and the course. Please reach out to us below for more information.

Sorry, no dogs are allowed on the course. And since this is an event involving copious amounts of chocolate, it’s probably a good idea to have Fido sit this one out — even as a spectator.

Feel free to ride your bike to the event, but please park it before you get to the course.

Tons of them, because when you gotta go, you gotta go. Portable toilets are located in the start/finish area and at the aid stations throughout the course.

We sure will! One month before the event, we’ll start sending you emails from [yourcity] with everything you need to know to get prepped for race day. Make sure to add us to your safe-sender list so you can stay in the loop.

Click here for more info.

On race day, if the distance shown on your device is slightly more than the official race distance, it just means you weren’t cutting corners-quite literally. According to the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) course measurement guidelines (pg. 20), a road race course is defined by the shortest possible route a runner could take without being disqualified. After the race, if your device shows that you ran a little farther, this just accounts for extra steps you took to run around other participants, obstacles, hit a water stop, port-o-let or stayed to the middle or outside lane. Another thing to consider it that with your Garmin or smart phone they need to be constantly connected to satellites to get a proper read. When you run under a tunnel or around high-rises this will affect your device’s distance.

If the live race is cancelled, each registrant will have the option of receiving a refund, deferring fees paid to the next year’s race, or applying the fees to entry into the Hot Chocolate Virtual Run. Each registrant must indicate his/her choice within thirty days of being notified of the cancellation by answering the questionnaire sent with the cancellation notice and returning such questionnaire to us. If a registrant does not make a timely election, the registrant will be entered in the virtual run and the live race fees applied to the virtual run entry fee. In no event will the processing fee or fees paid for merchandise orders be refunded due to the race cancellation. Merchandise orders paid for will be shipped to the address associated with the registrant’s race profile by the scheduled date of the cancelled event. In addition we will not be responsible for any costs relating to changed or cancelled travel plans or other related arrangements a registrant may incur due to any such cancellation. A date or venue change is not a cancellation.

The Hot Chocolate 15k/5k holds the safety of our staff, participants, volunteers, and attendees above all else. To ensure our event is as safe as possible, and you are comfortable both on and off the course, we’ll be implementing enhanced safety measures, and will provide a comprehensive list of measures to reference well in advance of event day. Our team continues to work in direct coordination with local public health authorities to meet or exceed all local guidance, rules, and regulations. In the event that we cancel the live event, each registrant will have the option of receiving a refund, deferring fees paid to the next year’s race, or applying the fees to entry into a virtual race, where we’ll mail your goodie bag right to your door.

All sales are final. No refunds will be given, unless you are registered for a live race and the live race is cancelled by the event organizer, in which case refunds will be given in accordance with the policy outlined in the FAQ titled What happens if the event is cancelled?. A date or venue change is not a cancellation.

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