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why do you run?

Recently on Global Running Day, we posed a simple question to the Hot Chocolate running community: “Why do you run?” The responses received were nothing short of extraordinary. You blew us away with your inspiring, thoughtful, funny, and insightful answers, which are highlighted below.

Elva P.
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I run to push myself to the limit, have fun, and challenge myself to do better the next time. Also who doesn't love the reward of sweet chocolate at the end.
Treva G.
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Running gives me energy and peace. And of course, who doesn't love CHOCOLATE at the end!!!
Michael K.
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To inspire my kids to work hard to achieve their goals. Plus, the feeling after a good long run is something that can't be found anywhere else. Exhaustion and exhilaration!
Joey T.
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To stay in shape for my son! Also, to be apart of a community that celebrates moving and everyone's unique journey.
Christina K.
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To inspire my daughter - we have run four Hot Chocolates together. To honor my father who passed away from pancreatic cancer, and my mother who was diagnosed with ALS. I run for those who can't.
Adam C.
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To stay physically fit and to enjoy the camaraderie between fellow runners. Getting swag is pretty cool too!